Vu Telepresence: A Revolution in Business Communication

Vu Telepresence provides your company with HD video conferencing technology, offering you a way to meet face-to-face and give presentations in real-time. delivers Vu as a monthly service, so you won’t have to make a major investment in equipment. In short, Vu will redefine the way your New York Metro Area company communicates.

Benefits of using Vu Telepresence:
  1. Minimize time and money spent on company travel: Get face-to-face communication in real-time (without the jet lag, confined seats and luggage fees)
  2. Improved communication: Our crystal-clear HD video conferencing equipment and top-notch sound offer more effective presentation of ideas and objectives
  3. More flexibility: Vu video conferencing allows you to meet with clients from your office, home, or locations around the globe
With Vu Telepresence’s video conferencing systems, you’ll be able to give presentations and display new products to people around the globe; hold real-time conferences with business partners; hold webinars and live video events online; and communicate with existing and potential customers. Vu is:
  • A monthly service – no hardware investment needed
  • Cost-effective, with multi-site use available
  • Easily operated, with many exclusive features
Vu Telepresence video conferencing will transform the way your New York Metro Area company communicates, improving your interactions with customers, distributors, business partners, and vendors while significantly reducing your travel expenses.

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